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The external market rose slightly, and the spot part of the import ore port increased by 5-10 yuan/ton

Dalian Bangyi Graphite Material Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in graphite electrodes and other carbon products.

Company website: www.dlbysm.cn

DALIAN BANGYI GRAPHITE MATERIAL CO.,LTD. mainly sell graphite electrode and other carbon materials.

Company Websit: www.dlbysm.cn

In terms of electrode: the steel market has been operating in a small and strong way recently. The price of graphite electrode is also mainly to maintain stability, and it is unlikely that it will continue to fall sharply in the short term. At present, the quotation of the mainstream UHP 550mm graphite electrode in the market is between 80000-90000 yuan/ton.

In terms of molten iron: the external market rose slightly, and the spot part of the imported ore port increased by 5-10 yuan/ton. The steel factory procurement was not very active, and replenishment was mainly based on demand. The internal powder was boosted by the increase of the steel billets at the weekend. In addition, the mining and dressing enterprises in Tangshan area were greatly affected by the environmental protection and production restrictions. Some steel enterprises raised prices to take goods, and some were temporarily wait-and-see. It is expected that the mainstream of iron powder prices will remain stable in the near future, the coke market will temporarily run smoothly, and the production of coke enterprises will be limited, The stock is not high, and the steel plant is unwilling to accept the price increase due to the low profit. It is expected that the coke steel will continue to play the game in the near future, and the coke price will be temporarily stable.

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Graphite for functional material development: develop high-purity graphite, isostatic pressure graphite, fluorinated graphite, silicified graphite, sealing materials, graphite heat dissipation/conductive materials, polymer composites, etc. It is applied to the fields of electronics, new energy, national defense and military industry.



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Our province is a large province of graphite resources, with resource reserves ranking the first in the country, concentrated resource distribution, excellent ore quality and outstanding resource advantages. The government work report proposes to accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, and extend the graphite deep processing industry chain, which points out the direction for the relevant graphite enterprises to promote technological iteration and industrial upgrading. Ye Yingchun, the deputy of the Provincial People's Congress, suggested that the graphite intensive processing industry should be developed in the mode of "government+universities+enterprises" to play the role of "key variables" in scientific and technological innovation.



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It is reported that graphite has many physical and chemical properties, such as high temperature resistance, high thermal conductivity and conductivity, thermal shock resistance, flame resistance, high compressive strength, high corrosion resistance, low friction and self-lubrication. It is mainly used in coatings, powder metallurgy, steel making, refractory materials, lubricants and batteries. It is also used in large fuel cells, batteries and lightweight high-strength composites. By 2022, China's graphite output accounted for more than 60% of the global output.