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In 2019, the growth of needle coke imports could not catch up with the general rise of demand prices in the Chinese market

Dalian Bangyi Graphite Material Co., Ltd. DALIAN BANGYI GRAPHITE MATERIAL CO., LTD. is mainly engaged in carbon products, steel furnace charge, packaging materials and other products, including graphite electrode, needle coke, carbon material, ferroalloy, silicon carbide, cast steel shot, steel sand, paper corner protection, LVL, steel strip and other major product series, (Graphite electrode, need coke, carbon additive ferroalloy, silicon carbide, steel shot and grit, paper angle, LVL, steel strapping and so on.) The products are mainly sold to Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan and other countries and regions. In terms of needle coke, Dalian Bangyi Graphite supplies Philip 66 petroleum series needle coke produced in Britain and high-quality needle coke produced in Japan and South Korea.

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According to ICC statistics, the total import of needle coke in 2018 was 220000 tons (including raw coke), with a year-on-year increase of 30%. The graphite electrode market accounted for 40%, and the cathode material market accounted for 60%. The main source countries of needle coke imported by China in 2018 are the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

As of December 18, the price of imported needle coke was US $3000-4000/ton (for graphite electrode) and US $1200-2000/ton (for anode material) respectively.

Based on ICC's tracking of the 2019 plan of overseas enterprises, the increase in the export volume of coal and oil series needle coke is relatively small, and the export volume of P66 to China in 2019 is about 1.4-15 million; Mitsubishi Chemical's export volume in 2019 was 15000; PMC export volume is 50000.

With the full release of China's UHP market potential in 2019, the tension of imported coke will again highlight. According to reliable information, the contract price of a Japanese coal series needle coke in the first half of 2019 has been locked, 28% higher than the contract price in the second half of 2018.

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