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Carbon enterprises suffer from electrolytic aluminum power limitation and production reduction

Henan, a major aluminum province in China, is located in the first-level warning area of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the task of energy conservation and emission reduction is arduous. In order to ensure the realization of the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction this year, electrolytic aluminum enterprises with high energy consumption have become the goal of power limitation. At present, the local government has restricted the production of major aluminum plants in Henan Province by restricting the power supply. It is understood that Henan electrolytic aluminum enterprises are required to reduce production by 2/3 to 1/2, and aluminum plants have also begun to actively cooperate with energy conservation, emission reduction and power limitation, adjust production plans and implement production reduction. The electrolytic aluminum production capacity of Henan Province in the third quarter is about 4 million tons/year, and according to the latest production reduction plan, it is expected to affect the production capacity of more than 2 million tons/year (about 10% of the total national production capacity). Large-area production restriction of downstream aluminum plants has affected the normal operation of upstream carbon enterprises, and some enterprises have fallen into the dilemma of production reduction and shutdown.

Through communication with the person in charge of a carbon enterprise in Henan Province, the enterprise originally produced at full capacity every month, and the order has been scheduled to the beginning of next year. However, since September, after the downstream electrolytic aluminum plant was ordered to limit production by the government, the demand for pre-baked anode has also decreased. The company's output this month has decreased by 20-30% compared with the previous month, and the original bustling factory is now somewhat deserted. In addition, some carbon manufacturers in Sanmenxia and Gongyi have now completely entered the shutdown stage, mainly due to the serious inventory backlog caused by the reduction of downstream procurement volume, which can only shut down production equipment, thus reducing costs.

It is estimated that according to the current production reduction plan, the electrolytic aluminum output in Henan Province is expected to reach 400000 tons/year due to the impact of energy conservation and emission reduction throughout the year, and there is a trend to continue to expand. The impact on the upstream carbon enterprises cannot be underestimated, and they can only choose to stop and reduce production.

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